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Read or play any story in our entire library across all your devices — as much as you want.

Take stories with you

But seriously. It works by downloading books you access in your device, and keep them in sync when you have internet, so you don't miss out on anything while being able to play it offline.

Switch to Audiobook Mode

Don't feel like reading? Press Play and start listening to your favourite books. Even the ones you import or create.

Editable bookshelfs

Create or import your books — we made it real easy to read, listen or edit your documents.

Level up your productivity

Enjoy sync capabilities, backups, revisions, conflict-resolution and have all your books in sync between your phone, tablet and computer.

How it works

  • Library

    Lots of books to read, listen and share

  • Read

    Dive right into any story, without limits

  • Audiobooks

    Listen to any story on the go

  • Write

    Equipped with a battle-tested plugin-per-block editor

  • Publish

    Unleash your imagination into Newt's bookshelfs

  • Offline First

    Every story you open gets available offline for later use

  • Sync

    Turn on sync to keep your devices up to date

  • cloud

    Keep your data secure and backed up across time

  • Collections

    Create your own bookshelfs and fill them with books

  • Follow

    Follow people and authors you care about

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Books, series, documents and more in your phone, computer, tablet to read, listen, edit and write. Thousands of stories are now yours to keep.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Newt is a storytelling platform that offers lots of books to read and play, and a powerful environment to build your stories for free in all devices.

You can read on this web, or download our apps natively in your phone or computer. It's available on iOS, Android, macOS, Windows & Linux.

Whether it is a work of fiction, non-fiction, educational porpuses, everything has strong value and we welcome quality content on Newt.

Yes. You can create or import your stories and edit anything. It's private by default, and you can choose who you share it with, or make it public

Yes. Each story you access gets downloaded in your device for offline use, and synchronized whenever you have internet.

Yes. You can either send us an email (, or get the EPUB, import it to Newt using the app, and make it public.

Yes. You are allowed to publish on Newt your own work or anything that's public domain.