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Newt connects readers and writers through the power of stories.


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Books, series, documents and more in your phone, computer, tablet to read, listen, edit and write. Thousands of stories are now yours to keep.

Enjoy without limits

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Take stories with you

Newt automatic downloads stories for you to enjoy it later, even offline. Have your favourite content always avaialble.

Turn any book into Audiobooks

Don't feel like reading? Press Play and start listening to your favourite books. Even the ones you import or create.

Write privately, publish to share

Write in any device and keep going in another. Newt has been built to run in all devices, ready when inspiration strikes.

Give your stories a home in the cloud

Enjoy sync capabilities, backups, revisions, conflict-resolution and have all your books in sync between your phone, tablet and computer.

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  • Library

    Thousands of books to read, listen and share. New books are constantly coming.

  • Read

    Dive right into any story, without limits. We keep track of your progress for you.

  • Audiobooks

    Listen to literally any story on the go. Even the ones you create or import.

  • Write

    Equipped with a battle-tested editor, start building your story easily across devices.

  • Publish

    Reach an international audience eager to read, listen and share your story.

  • Offline First

    No internet? No problem. Have you been reading, writing or listening? Keep doing it offline.

  • Sync

    When internet it's available, we put you up to date with the latest changes from everywhere.

  • cloud

    Level up your productivity across your computer, phone and tablet. Keep your data secure.

  • Collections

    Put any story where you need them to be. Build your own library with the sections you want.

  • React

    Have all your beloved books in one place, while showing appreciation to the authors.

  • Follow

    Follow people and authors you care about. Get notified about their latest updates.

  • Social

    Newt helps you connect with topics and people through the power of stories.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Newt is a storytelling platform that offers wide stream of books/audios/media for free in all devices. New stories are published every day.

You can read on this web, or download our apps natively in your phone or computer. It's available on iOS, Android, macOS, Windows & Linux.

Nothing. It's free to use. For anyone. Anywhere.

Newt is the place for every present/past written word that has been published. Whether it is a work of fiction, non-fiction, educational porpuses, it all has a value and we welcome quality content on Newt

Yes. You can also write your own stories in our native app for desktop and mobiles. It's secure, encrypted and private by default, and you can even be published by Newt if you decide that it's time to make your story public. You can also import your existing work, and export it afterwards.

Yes. Access any story you want and have it saved for later when internet is not available.

Absolutely. You can send us an email and we'll have it indexed. Or you can get the book (EPUB format), upload it yourself on Newt and access it there. Beware of our rules of publishing if you want to make it public.

Yes. Although you're not allowed to make it public if the book it's not public domain.